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Phar::running — Returns the full path on disk or full phar URL to the currently executing Phar archive


bool Phar::running ([ bool $retphar ] )

Returns the full path to the running phar archive. This is intended for use much like the __FILE__ magic constant, and only has effect inside an executing phar archive.

Liste de paramètres


TRUE by default. If TRUE, the full path on disk to the phar archive is returned. If FALSE, a full phar URL is returned.

Valeurs de retour

Returns TRUE if the filename is valid.


Exemple #1 A Phar::running() example

For the following example, assume the file is within phar archive /path/to/phar/my.phar and the file is located at path my/file.txt within the phar archive.

Phar::running(); // $a is "/path/to/my.phar"
$b Phar::running(false); // $b is "phar:///path/to/my.phar"

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