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Phar::mungServer — Defines a list of up to 4 $_SERVER variables that should be modified for execution


void Phar::mungServer ( array $munglist )

Phar::mungServer() should only be called within the stub of a phar archive.

Defines a list of up to 4 $_SERVER variables that should be modified for execution. Variables that can be modified to remove traces of phar execution are REQUEST_URI, PHP_SELF, SCRIPT_NAME and SCRIPT_FILENAME.

On its own, this method does nothing. Only when combined with Phar::webPhar() does it take effect, and only when the requested file is a PHP file to be parsed. Note that the PATH_INFO and PATH_TRANSLATED variables are always modified.

The original values of variables that are modified are stored in the SERVER array with PHAR_ prepended, so for instance SCRIPT_NAME would be saved as PHAR_SCRIPT_NAME.

Liste de paramètres


an array containing as string indices any of REQUEST_URI, PHP_SELF, SCRIPT_NAME and SCRIPT_FILENAME. Other values trigger an exception, and Phar::mungServer() is case-sensitive.

Valeurs de retour

No return.

Erreurs / Exceptions

Throws UnexpectedValueException if any problems are found with the passed in data.


Exemple #1 A Phar::mungServer() example

// example stub

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