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(PECL phar:1.0.0-1.2.1)

Phar::__construct — Construct a Phar archive object


void Phar::__construct ( string $fname [, int $flags [, string $alias ]] )

Liste de paramètres


Path to an existing Phar archive or to-be-created archive


flags to pass to parent class RecursiveDirectoryIterator. See » SPL RecursiveDirectoryIterator docs


Alias with which this Phar archive should be referred to in calls to stream functionality.

Erreurs / Exceptions

Throws BadMethodCallException if called twice, UnexpectedValueException if the phar archive can't be opened.


Exemple #1 A Phar::__construct() example

try {
$p = new Phar('/path/to/my.phar'CURRENT_AS_FILEINFO KEY_AS_FILENAME,
} catch (
UnexpectedValueException $e) {
'Could not open my.phar');
} catch (
BadMethodCallException $e) {
'technically, this cannot happen';
// this works now
echo file_get_contents('phar://my.phar/example.txt');
// and works as if we had typed
echo file_get_contents('phar:///path/to/my.phar/example.txt');

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