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(PECL mqseries:0.10.0-0.9.0)

mqseries_cmit — MQSeries MQCMIT


mqseries_cmit ( resource $hconn , resource $compCode , resource $reason )

The mqseries_cmit() (MQCMIT) call indicates to the queue manager that the application has reached a syncpoint, and that all of the message gets and puts that have occurred since the last syncpoint are to be made permanent. Messages put as part of a unit of work are made available to other applications; messages retrieved as part of a unit of work are deleted.

Liste de paramètres


Connection handle.

This handle represents the connection to the queue manager.


Completion code.


Reason code qualifying the compCode.

Valeurs de retour

Aucune valeur n'est retournée.


Exemple #1 mqseries_cmit() example

    if (
$comp_code !== MQSERIES_MQCC_OK) {
printf("cmit CompCode:%d Reason:%d Text:%s<br>\n"$comp_code$reasonmqseries_strerror($reason));


Note: mqseries_back() will not function when using MQSeries Client to connect to a Queueu Manager.

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