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Imagick::matteFloodfillImage — Changes the transparency value of a color


bool Imagick::matteFloodfillImage ( float $alpha , float $fuzz , mixed $bordercolor , int $x , int $y )

Cette fonction n'est pas documentée et seule la liste des arguments est disponible.

Changes the transparency value of any pixel that matches target and is an immediate neighbor. If the method FillToBorderMethod is specified, the transparency value is changed for any neighbor pixel that does not match the bordercolor member of image.

Liste de paramètres


The level of transparency: 1.0 is fully opaque and 0.0 is fully transparent.


The fuzz member of image defines how much tolerance is acceptable to consider two colors as the same.


An ImagickPixel object or string representing the border color.


The starting x coordinate of the operation.


The starting y coordinate of the operation.

Valeurs de retour

Returns TRUE on success.

Erreurs / Exceptions

Throws ImagickException on error.


Version Description
2.1.0 Now allows a string representing the color as the third parameter. Previous versions allow only an ImagickPixel object.

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