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collator_get_locale — Get the locale name of the collator


Object oriented style

string Collator::getLocale ([ integer $type ] )

Procedural style

string collator_get_locale ( Collator $coll , integer $type )

Get collector locale name.

Liste de paramètres


Collator object.


You can choose between valid and actual locale ( Locale::VALID_LOCALE and Locale::ACTUAL_LOCALE, respectively). The default is the actual locale.

Valeurs de retour

Real locale name from which the collation data comes. If the collator was instantiated from rules or an error occurred, returns boolean FALSE.


Exemple #1 collator_get_locale() example

collator_create'en_US_California' );
$res_val collator_get_locale$collLocale::VALID_LOCALE );
$res_act collator_get_locale$collLocale::ACTUAL_LOCALE );
printf"Valid locale name: %s\nActual locale name: %s\n",
$res_req$res_val$res_act );

L'exemple ci-dessus va afficher :

Requested locale name: en_US_California
Valid locale name: en_US
Actual locale name: en

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