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collator_create — Create a collator


Object oriented style

static Collator Collator::create ( string $locale )

Procedural style

Collator collator_create ( string $locale )

The strings will be compared using the options already specified.

Liste de paramètres


The locale containing the required collation rules. Special values for locales can be passed in - if null is passed for the locale, the default locale collation rules will be used. If empty string ("") or "root" are passed, UCA rules will be used.

Valeurs de retour

Return new instance of Collator object, or NULL on error.


Exemple #1 collator_create() example

collator_create'en_US' );

if( !isset( 
$coll ) ) {
printf"Collator creation failed: %s\n"intl_get_error_message() );

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